March 09, 2012



We’re always in search of new ideas for chic, crafty weddings. So we were super excited to hear that Taunton Press is compiling the ultimate DIY wedding book set, The Bride’s Guide. It’ll feature a trio of gorgeous bridal-crafting books by expert Khris Cochran, each with 40 easy project ideas. Think: feather boutonnieres, vintage paper parasols and personalized baby-breath centerpieces.







Buds and Blossoms Bridal Bag. Photo by Khris Cochran.

November 02, 2010

It's definitely fall here in NYC and the last few days have felt downright like winter. And that can only mean one thing to those of us who are wedding obsessed: planning season. Time to start from the beginning and get down to the basics. Let's start with ideas for your besties -- aka: your bridesmaids.

1. DIY Bridesmaid Cards. Of course you could call and ask, but these cute cards go that extra step to really make her feel important too. (Once Wed)

2. Paper Garland. Throw an awesome bridal shower or even a meet-n-greet for your bridesmaids and decorate with this cute and simple paper garland. Use shades of pink or a color combo like pink and tangerine for an extra cute look. (

3. Flower Brooch. Perfect for a bridesmaid or mother of the bride (in lieu of a corsage), you could also add this easy felt brooch to a clutch or give it as a place setting at your shower. (Living with Punks)

4. DIY Moleskine Scrapbook. We know you've got notes to take about the wedding. So do it in style with these cute notebooks. Or, dress 'em up and give them to your bridal party. (Honestly WTF)

5. Fabric Flowers. I know, I know, we do a lot of fabric flowers on this blog -- but these are just too cute to pass up. When your bridesmaids have their dresses hemmed/ altered, ask the seamstress to save the extra fabric so you can use the scraps to make cute matching flowers, like these. Then your bridesmaids can adorn their dress any way they like. (Adventures in Dressmaking)

October 11, 2010

We've seen loads of mason jar centerpieces -- but making wine bottles look chic? Now that's another story. These minimalist centerpieces have plenty of style, even without tons of flowers. Here's how to try the look:

Start saving your empty wine bottles now. Soak them in hot water and a little dish soap to easily remove the labels. (Or, if you're going for a more rustic feel, buy wine from only one country, like France or Italy, and leave the labels on as part of the look).

But maybe the best part about these centerpieces is that you won't need to buy a lot of flowers for them to look fabulous. Like these calla lilies, any long stem, large blossoms (sunflowers, roses, or orchids) will look great on the table. Use only one to three flowers per bottle to keep the minimalist look.

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by Kendall Pfeffer

Photos by She-N-He Photography

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September 09, 2010

It's Thursday and that means one thing: the best of what the web has to offer. Let's jump right to it.

1. Friendship Necklaces. We promise these didn't go out of style! Really! OK, well, maybe you won't be wearing them out on a chic date, but this would make a wonderful (and memorable) project for you and your bridesmaids to try out. (Honestly WTF).

2. Fabric Flowers. If you're going for a retro-kitschy-cute wedding style, these handmade flowers could be just the thing for your bouquet. Just make sure you mismatch the fabric patterns like in the photo. (Snowy Bliss)

3. Cheeky Chinese Fortune Teller. Contraband at most grade schools -- you can show your wedding guests just what a rebel you are by presenting them at the reception. (Well, maybe not that daring). This is more of an inspirational link: the creator, Scott Bedford illustrates a sort of "choose your own ending" with illustrations. Sub in those illustrations with fun facts, stories, or even your own photos to make a totally personalized (and fun!) favor or bit of table decor. (What I Made)

4. Felt Rose Tutorial. Oh cute little felt flower, let me count thy uses... You could make several and put them on a headband for your flower girl, scatter them on your reception tables for added decoration, add a post and make them into earrings for your bridesmaids... The list goes on. (Lydia's Treasures)

5. Emboss Anything. Maybe making a balloon drawing like this one isn't your idea of DIY chic, but follow the easy steps in this tutorial and you'll be on your way to embossing anything! Just think -- your own stylish embossed thank-you notes, invitations, seating cards or programs for a fraction of the cost. (too much of a good thing is simply wonderful)

Do you have a DIY question you want to see answered here? Post it! And we'll answer.

- Amy E.

June 07, 2010

We love this cute idea for an outdoor, summery wedding. The bride collected antique tea tins to use as the centerpiece containers at their reception. Not only do they have that great vintage feel, but because none of them match, each centerpiece looks unique.

Try shopping at thrift stores and flea markets to get a similar look for your own wedding. But give yourself plenty of time; this bride's collection was built up over years. You could even search for themed tins, for instance, using only English tea tins or holiday-themed tins if you're having a winter wedding.

What do you think, would you use old tea tins to hold the centerpieces at your wedding?

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Images courtesy of Gabriel Ryan Photographers.

April 23, 2010

We're still feeling a little Earth love today off our post yesterday. These projects are just gorgeous -- and a great reminder of how awesome nature can be. Enjoy!

1. Kitschy and Eco! We know this kind of bold statement isn't for everyone, but think of how great it could look for a casual rehearsal dinner, if not the wedding itself. We love how it's an instant table setting and a favor for your guests in one. (Project Wedding).

2. Garden Stripes. For those of you who are Adobe savvy, there's this great free download of an invitation pattern from J. Bartyn. The green stripes and clean design feel perfect for a late spring or early summer wedding. (Plus, even if you aren't Adobe savvy, prices for printing this invitation start at just $55. Now that's a steal). (J. Bartyn).

3. Pegged Together. What could be cuter than this pegboard centerpiece made with real flowers? Invite your guests to take a flower from the peg board and tuck it in their hair, or wear it as a DIY boutiounnere. (100 Layer Cake, from guest blogger, Kelly).

4. Lovely Lilacs. We're loving this idea of carrying a bouquet of fresh lilacs down the aisle. Just think of how fragrant that bouquet will be. ({frolic!}).

5. A Little Bit Wild. We've done a few wildflower centerpieces before, but honestly, we just can't get enough. This lovely design idea comes from DIY newlywed Grace Bonney. (Design*sponge. And if you love that project, check out this one which features centerpieces of wild violets set in wine glasses. How chic!).

Images via design*sponge, {frolic!}, by Chelsea Fuss, Yes, Please, and J. Bartyn.

-- Amy E.

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April 16, 2010

Sorry for the delay with Link Love, but we've been swamped with Bridal Fashion Week since Saturday! Make sure you check out all of our coverage here and here. Now, on to Link Love:

1. Love this vintage book planner tutorial. Perfect for your bridesmaids! (Just Something I Made).

2. An amazingly simple DIY candle favor your guests will really use. (100 Layer Cake via guest blogger Sarah from Truly Smitten).

3. Look what we found! If you're making invitations yourself, you can download and print templates here. For free! (Download and Print).

4. Always on the lookout for something a little more non-traditional than the usual rose boutonniere, I'm loving these cute flowers made out of cupcake liners. How creative! (Intimate Weddings)

5. These cute tissue paper brooches are so perfect for your flower girls of even the mother of the bride. (Salsa Pie).

-- Amy E.

March 25, 2010

When you're having a DIY wedding, it's the details that make everything so special. And yes, it takes a ton of time to make the parts you think no one will notice—like seating cards or napkins—but in the end, those are the personal touches that can pull together the overall look. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best projects that just might add that missing je ne sais quoi to your reception.

1. Though in this project, they tie off the flowers to look like a bouquet, they could just as easily be placed in an oversized mason jar for your own DIY centerpiece. (100 Layer Cake).

2. Maybe you're not a huge fan of felt compositions, but I for one think they can be super cute. If you're having a spring or summer wedding, why not pin one to your menus or add it to the place settings and invite guests to take them home as a favor? (Bugs & Fishes).

3. Just found this blog and love some of the projects they feature! This DIY plantable paper would make a perfect seating card (or gift tag on a favor!) that your guests can take home and put in their garden. (

4. Don't skip out on having a signature drink just because you're not hiring a pro bartender! This recipe for Milk Liquer is simple enough that any of the groomsmen (or a bridesmaid!) could easily master the recipe. Served straight up, the hue is also lovely in the glass. (Lottie & Doof).

5. Think your grandmother's doilies are good for nothing? Think again! This adorable pillow is perfect for throwing on a chair, or even an outdoor bench, at a casual, vintage-feeling reception. (Smile & Wave).

-- Amy Eisinger

March 18, 2010

Our link love today is all about your guests. We've heard plenty of complaints about what guests don't like getting, so try any one of these projects for a surefire hit favor.

1. Hello, Violet! This super easy project could double for a pretty centerpiece. ({frolic!})

2. Invite your guests to make their own cupcakes, for now—and later! (Style Me Pretty)

3. Style your flower girl, bridesmaids or don this cute headband yourself for a chic reception look. (PS I Made This)

4. So fresh and so clean, thanks to these easy-to-make felted soaps. (Wit & Whistle)

5. OK, so we know making a wreath is a little much as a favor for every guest, but it's a festive bit of decor you could give to your VIP's or use to decorate at your wedding. (Project Wedding)

Photos: (1) By Chelsea, courtesy of {frolic!} (2) Photo by Jen Huang; (3) Courtesy of PS I Made This; (4) Courtesy of Wit & Whistle; (5) Photo by Chelsea Fuss, courtesy of Project Wedding.

February 22, 2010

Nope, not just any old flower pot. We decided to give the typical (and cheap) terra cotta pots a fresh coat of paint... in your signature wedding color, of course! The best part: it's chalkboard paint! Write a note of thanks or use it as a place setting and scribble your guest's name. How convenient!

Terra cotta pot (
Chalkboard paint (
Flowering plant

Step 1 Buy your pot and pick your paint color (you can get pretty much any color you want!
Step 2 Give the pot a coat of paint. Set aside to dry.
Step 3 Add in a plant.
Step 4 Write your personal message!

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