December 02, 2010
5:03 PM

DIY: Wine Inspired Weddings


Even if you're not having your wedding on a winery, you can use these wine-inspired cork ideas to add an extra rustic touch to your reception.

For the first two photos (from left), you'll need lots of wine corks. So start drinking now! Just kidding. But you should start saving soon. Enlist your bridal party, friends and family members to save corks for you as well. Not into drinking wine? You can also buy wine corks here. For reference, a board of about 24x28 inches will take about 60 wine corks.

    You'll need:
  • lots of corks
  • cork board/ hardboard (for the back)
  • super glue or wood glue
  • a decorate frame (optional)
  • electric saw (optional)

1. Cut the corks. This step is optional, and though it's difficult, we think the board will turn out more even and stable in the end. If you're not up to the challenge, go right on to step 2. Otherwise, the first thing to do is carefully cut all of the corks in half using a small electric saw. Try to do this so the cork design is centered on top.

2. Glue on the corks. Now comes the fun part. Using the wood glue, affix all of your corks to the cork board (or hardboard) that will serve as the backing for your finished project. Be creative! Try stacking the corks vertically and horizontally (or even diagonally) to make a unique pattern. Let everything thoroughly dry overnight.

3. Attach the frame. If you opted for a decorate frame, now's the time to fit your new cork board inside, and hang it up.

Use colorful push-pins in your wedding colors to attach photos, escort cards or even notes from your guests (in lieu of a guestbook).

To achieve the look of the last photo (on the right), simply slice your corks in half (like in step 1) and then add another small slit to the top of each cork. Be careful to not slice through the entire cork, and voila, you've got some beautiful cork escort card holders.

Images by: Jeremy Underwood, (far right photo) Orchard Cove Photography.

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