November 19, 2010
2:53 PM

DIY: Fruit Filled Centerpieces


These simple centerpieces can be a perfect (and inexpensive) way to spice up the other floral centerpieces you may already have. Add them to your head tables or even the buffet or dessert tables for an extra splash of color, or nestle smaller flowers throughout the centerpiece (like in the middle photo).

All you'll need are some large glass vases or bowls and plenty of citrus (limes and lemons work best). When you're picking your fruit, make sure the skins look bright and unblemished. Wash them lightly to remove any small pieces of dirt, but don't scrub too hard or you'll remove the wax. That wax coating can help give them more of a sheen in the vase and will keep them looking brighter longer.

For an added twist, incorporate that lush citrus scent by zesting a few of the pieces on the sides that won't face outward. You'll need to do this pretty last minute, as that citrus scent won't last more than a few hours. You can also sprinkle the zest over the finished centerpiece for an added fresh small.

Left and right images by Hillary Maybery, center image by Cousins Photography.

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