September 2010
September 23, 2010

This week is all about those extras that can really complete a wedding ensemble. The best part about these projects? Minimal sewing expertise is required to get these totally fashionable looks.

1. Potato Print Accessories. These cute accessories use buttons in various sizes to add to headbands or even bobby pins. We also think that a cute cluster of these buttons would make an excellent non-floral boutonniere. (Incy Wincy Stitches)

2. Melon Necklace. Yup, you read right. This necklace is actually made from melon seeds that have been painted and then had holes carefully poked through their centers. Bet you never knew it wasn't wooden beads from looking at that photo, right? (The Little Treasures)

3. Skinny Ties. Keep your wedding as hipster as you want with this simple project to convert any old regular wide tiny into indie-rocker skinny fabulous-ness. (

4. Petal Sandals. If these look familiar to you, they should. They're based on a gorgeous design from Louboutin himself. Lucky for you, these won't set you back $500 -- you can add the petals yourself. (

5. Shoe Re-Fashioning. There's nothing like a good recession friendly re-fashioning project to make your wardrobe feel new again. This project actually presents two ideas in one: one for you (pictured) and one for your flower girl. (Whip Up)

And just a few other projects for fun! Check out this chic DIY vinyl necklace on Sisters 4 Say More is More and these four clever uses for a hole punch on Shrimp Salad Circus.

September 21, 2010

Maybe you saw our DIY wine bottle label, but here's another twist on the same idea: try it on a water bottle.

Instead of prepping the label for your party favors, you can sweeten up a basic bottle of water for those dancing late into the night that want some H20 and a little break from the cocktails.

Or, if you're having an outdoor wedding in the heat of summer, leave a water bottle at each of the chairs so your guests can stay refreshed during the ceremony.

All you'll need are some basic blank labels (tip: use business mailing labels bought at an office supply store in bulk -- they're often a few dollars cheaper than buying craft labels), an ink jet printer and the photo you want to use. You can design your own photo and words combination or search for downloadable templates (we love Just Something I Made, which frequently posts vintage-inspired templates and images). You can also add the wedding labels to your favors, out-of-town guest welcome bags, or even to seal the envelope on your thank-you notes.

Images by Adrienne Maples and Studio EMP

See more photos from Riley and Jesse's wedding and from Megan and Tim's wedding.

Re: Tiffany's comment below: You bring up a few good points. If you give the labels adequate time to dry, the ink shouldn't run. Depending on the labels you buy, you can also try printing them from a laser printer, which will cut down on the possibility of ink running (or you can design the label and take it to a place like Kinko's or Staples. Using professional printers will also cut down on the smudge-factor of the ink).

If you're going to do this project like the photo on the left, simply stacking the bottles together, you shouldn't have any problems. Remember that these bottles are going to be used for a short time -- the labels don't need to last forever.

If, however, you want to float them in a bucket of ice and water, eventually yes, the labels will get soggy and likely come off. Prevent that by applying the label and then wrapping the middle portion of the bottle with wide clear packing tape. It won't prevent the label from falling off forever, but it should last for a few hours -- just long enough for your guests to grab one and gulp the water down.

September 13, 2010

Want to set up the perfect backdrop for your evening wedding? Create a banner with your names on it!

Tie a 12-inch piece of ribbon to the top of each letter so that it hangs secure and straight. Attach each of those ribbons to a super long rope between two trees or posts outdoors. Twist a string of large Christmas lights to the rope so that sparkles of light are in between some of your hanging letters.

This serves as a great backdrop to both celebrate your day and to eliminate confusion when everyone's looking through their summer wedding photos -- they'll know exactly which ones were from your gorgeous outdoor reception! (Another way to use these without making them the focus of your decor: hang them at the entrance, where your welcome sign would be! For other welcome sign ideas, go here and here.)

Image by Jason and Anna Photography.

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by Leticia Frazao

September 09, 2010

It's Thursday and that means one thing: the best of what the web has to offer. Let's jump right to it.

1. Friendship Necklaces. We promise these didn't go out of style! Really! OK, well, maybe you won't be wearing them out on a chic date, but this would make a wonderful (and memorable) project for you and your bridesmaids to try out. (Honestly WTF).

2. Fabric Flowers. If you're going for a retro-kitschy-cute wedding style, these handmade flowers could be just the thing for your bouquet. Just make sure you mismatch the fabric patterns like in the photo. (Snowy Bliss)

3. Cheeky Chinese Fortune Teller. Contraband at most grade schools -- you can show your wedding guests just what a rebel you are by presenting them at the reception. (Well, maybe not that daring). This is more of an inspirational link: the creator, Scott Bedford illustrates a sort of "choose your own ending" with illustrations. Sub in those illustrations with fun facts, stories, or even your own photos to make a totally personalized (and fun!) favor or bit of table decor. (What I Made)

4. Felt Rose Tutorial. Oh cute little felt flower, let me count thy uses... You could make several and put them on a headband for your flower girl, scatter them on your reception tables for added decoration, add a post and make them into earrings for your bridesmaids... The list goes on. (Lydia's Treasures)

5. Emboss Anything. Maybe making a balloon drawing like this one isn't your idea of DIY chic, but follow the easy steps in this tutorial and you'll be on your way to embossing anything! Just think -- your own stylish embossed thank-you notes, invitations, seating cards or programs for a fraction of the cost. (too much of a good thing is simply wonderful)

Do you have a DIY question you want to see answered here? Post it! And we'll answer.

- Amy E.

September 07, 2010

When planning a wedding or reception held in your own home or in a stately manor with a gorgeous front door, instead of using a welcome sign down the driveway, here's a way to personalize the actual entryway.

Hang the first letter of the first name of the bride and groom to doors that will stay shut or propped open. Not only will this make a cute photo op, it's a way to tie in a little personality to a building that may not be your home.

At the above left, the letters H and K, are gorgeous lush moss signs. You can create your own by buying wood or hollow metal capital letters from craft stores and glue on sheets of thin moss or fabric which looks natural. (Or, for a similar twist, cover the letters in fabric that you like and have that be your pattern!) The letters on the right (the M and W) were made in a similar way but covered in seasonal flowers instead. Tie a thick sturdy ribbon around the top of the letters and attach that to a nail in the door.

by Leticia Frazao

Images by (from left): Angelica Glass and Leigh Webber.

September 02, 2010

We're feeling especially girlie around here lately, so today's Link Love is all about those feminine touches. Lots of flowers and even some classic tea party inspiration.

1. Say Cheese. Have a sophisticated cocktail and cheese hour as your guests transition over into the reception with this cute DIY cheese tray. (Ritzy Bee Blog)

2. Chiffon and Tulle Flowers. Think you have to pay big to get this delicate and soft look? Think again. Small chiffon pieces and bits of tulle come together to make this delightfully elegant hair accessory (or you could even wear it as a brooch). (Project Wedding)

3. Hankerchief Roses. We get it, sometimes those heirlooms (like grandma's hankie) aren't actually worth hanging on to. But instead of just tossing them out, why not reclaim them into a beautiful rose collection? (

4. Hole-Punch Flowers. That's right! All you'll need to put this craft together is a simple hole punch and some colorful paper. And we promise -- this project is a total cinch. (Kazzell Crafts)

5. DIY Teacup Candles. This craft actually comes straight from Design*Sponge, but if you love it, make sure you check out because she's doing (seriously) an entire month of teacup crafts. (Design*Sponge)

- Amy E.

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