September 13, 2010
11:55 AM

DIY Name Banner


Want to set up the perfect backdrop for your evening wedding? Create a banner with your names on it!

Tie a 12-inch piece of ribbon to the top of each letter so that it hangs secure and straight. Attach each of those ribbons to a super long rope between two trees or posts outdoors. Twist a string of large Christmas lights to the rope so that sparkles of light are in between some of your hanging letters.

This serves as a great backdrop to both celebrate your day and to eliminate confusion when everyone's looking through their summer wedding photos -- they'll know exactly which ones were from your gorgeous outdoor reception! (Another way to use these without making them the focus of your decor: hang them at the entrance, where your welcome sign would be! For other welcome sign ideas, go here and here.)

Image by Jason and Anna Photography.

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by Leticia Frazao

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If I'm not mistaken, these letters seem to be quite a few different fonts. There are a bunch of beautiful, whimsical fonts available for (free) download on DaFont(.com).

Oh, and this idea will definitely be at my wedding- it is adorable! :)

posted by: Keeli
on January 08, 2011 at 04:27 PM

Hi, my husband and I are the photographers for this wedding :) The letters were cardboard, they decorated them with spray paint and a little bit of glitter if I remember. Joann's and Michaels sells a lot of stuff like this. Have fun!

posted by: anna
on October 14, 2010 at 03:40 PM

Wow these are so cute and effective!!

posted by: Emma Clarke
on October 12, 2010 at 03:45 AM

I love this idea. Can anyone tell me if these letters were printed and if so, what font they were printed in?

posted by: Krystal
on October 02, 2010 at 07:26 PM

This is super cute! Great idea for any party

posted by: Michelle
on September 20, 2010 at 11:04 AM

I love this idea as a welcome sign. It would make a great decoration over a gift table as well.

posted by: Melissa
on September 18, 2010 at 02:21 PM

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