August 30, 2010
1:34 PM

DIY Flower Boutonniere


This month's question comes from oohpieceofcandykim who wanted to learn how to make non-flowered boutonnieres. Visit our message boards here and send us your DIY questions. Your request could be answered in a future post.

You don't have to use real flowers for your wedding boutonnieres -- here are three cute alternatives to a freshly picked bloom -- all using buttons.

    To create the yellow boutonniere:
  • 1. Collect silver and yellow buttons of all sizes and shapes.
  • 2. Arrange them one on top of the other to form mini arrangements resembling flowers. Use a green wire (fishing wire or those carried at craft stores works well) to thread through the buttons, holding them all together.
  • 3. Gather all of the "stems" of your new little button flowers and wrap the green wire around it over and over to create volume.
  • 4. Attach a safety pin to the back and you've got a little bouquet of buttons!

(See how nice this one looks against the light suit? It's a great summer pick but works well year round. Choose brighter buttons to contrast against the more subtle ones you're using.)

    For the blue and white boutonnieres:
  • 1. Gather fabric covered buttons with similar colors in a variety of patterns.
  • 2. Cut out a little leaf shape out of a neutral color fabric (which should be the same for all of the boutonnieres).
  • 3. Thread together the back of the buttons, attaching them to the leaf.
  • 4. Take thin green ribbon and cover a short stick or bundle of toothpicks to create the stem.
  • 5. Sew or tie the bundle of buttons to the top of the stick, creating the buds.
  • 6. Attach a safety pin to the back and you're all set!

    For the stem-less flower:
  • 1. Cut eight pieces of ribbon, 5 inches long. Pick a cute pattern as this will be the “petals” and the main focus of the boutonniere.
  • 2. Loop over the ribbon, gathering all of the ends in the middle. (A tip: it helps if you glue or sew the ends down to a small piece of cardboard so they stay together.)
  • 3. Glue a similar colored button to the center of the ribbon so the ends are hidden.
  • 4. Glue the safety pin to the back of the cardboard.
  • 5. For reinforcement, go back and sew all of the parts together right through the middle.

Images by (from left): Angelica Glass, Elizabeth Lloyd Photography, Jason + Anna Photography.

See more photos from Cynthia and Les' wedding (yellow boutonniere) or Jamie and Matt's wedding (blue boutonnieres).

by Leticia Frazao

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That is so cute! The yellow one is my favourite

posted by: Paula@DWItaly
on September 01, 2010 at 09:36 AM

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