June 17, 2010
10:19 AM

How to Make Your Own Maypole


Try a hand at this fancy outdoor decoration! A romantic and whimsical touch to any wedding, the maypole is a often known as a European tradition to celebrate the summer season. Having visions of long-haired girls running around in a forest with streamers? Us to, but this grown-up version is easy to make and also elegant.

First, you'll have to gather the proper supplies. For the poles, stop by your local carpet store and ask if you can have (or purchase for a small fee/tip) any unused cardboard tubes used to roll up large carpets. Often these tubes get tossed out in the trash, but you can give them a second life as a maypole. Pick several that are the same height and your desired thickness.

In your desired colors, purchase tape and ribbon (at least 1" thick) from an office supply, discount or fabric store. You'll need more length for taller maypoles so read the labels to make sure you get enough. Plus, tape will stay in place on the tubes better than ribbon. We also love the look of Washi Paper Wrapping Tape ($25, MoMA store) for this project! Then attach the flowing ribbons to the top of the pole with a staple gun or tape. When your big day arrives, stick poles into the ground (a rubber mallet comes in handy here!) and top with a small bouquet of flowers. These look fantastic lining a driveway or spread throughout an outdoor reception.

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-- Sarah Newell

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Love it! Very creative and unique. :-)

posted by: Delilah
on July 13, 2010 at 09:18 AM

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