May 2010
May 14, 2010

We spotted this on today and just couldn't pass it by.

The entire wedding got together and made a pretty hilarious wedding music video! So, creative? tacky? hilarious? ridiculous? In our opinion, it's definitely the funniest YouTube wedding video since Jill and Kevin's "Dance Evolution" sensation. So watch this new music video of Brian and Eileen's wedding and then let us know what you think in our poll.

May 13, 2010

OK, so it may not be the most colorful Link Love that we've had, but trust us, these projects are pretty amazing. They're all geared towards getting ready for the big day -- from sending out your invitations to keeping your bridal party excited. Here's the best from around the web this week.

1. Plastic Fantastic. We won't even try to hide how cool this project is. These plastic rings would make a great gift for your bridesmaids, or a fun piece to give to your flower girl. (Planet June)

2. Outside the Paperstock. If you don't know about Nonpareil magazine, you should. It's filled with amazing wedding craft ideas, like this one, which lets you to make your invitations out of fabric, or even write your wedding day info on vintage china plates. (Nonpareil magazine)

3. May Flowers. Old-fashioned bridal suites used to be decorated with wreaths on the day of the wedding. Why not toy with that idea by making this cute wreath to let everyone know where the bride's getting ready? (Lollychops)

4. Butterfly pillows. Who doesn't love butterflies? This adorable pillow could easily serve as a ring bearers pillow for a casual spring wedding. Or, simply make as a gift for your bridesmaids. (Ruffles and Stuff)

5. What Happens in Vegas... For this particular project, the writer is actually heading to Vegas for a vacation and trying to get her friends excited about the trip, but we think the concept works perfectly for a wedding too. If you're wedding is just a few weeks away, why not get your bridal psyched up for the big day by sending along a little gift to remind them how much you're looking forward to their being there? Give them a small shot glass, handkerchief, or even just a note. (Ready, Set, Craft!)

-- Amy E.

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May 12, 2010

Want a dress that's so eco-friendly you can literally make it disappear after the ceremony?

This new gown, from British researchers at Sheffield Hallam Unniversity does just that. It actually dissolves in water, reports the U.K.'s Telegraph. The dress is made with polyvinyl alcohol -- the same stuff found in laundry bags and washing detergents -- sewn into the fabric. That basically makes it water soluble, and dissolves it without harming the environment.

Now, there are a few obvious catches to this gown. For one, researchers admit that if it rains on the big day, brides would be forced to cover themselves in order to not destroy the dress.

But the concept is still pretty interesting: toying with some of the more traditional ideas about wedding dresses, namely, that they should be preserved and passed on to the next generation.

"The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society's attitudes towards throwaway fashion," Jane Blohm, a fashion lecturer tells Britain's Telegraph.

The dress isn't for everyone, but as the Blohm points out: "In order to reduce fashion's impact on the environment, the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices." No word yet on whether the dress will be manufactured for purchase.

So you tell us, would you wear a disposable wedding gown on your big day? Weigh in below!

-- Amy E.

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May 07, 2010

We've packed Link Love with a few extra special projects today -- just see below!

1. Origami Boxes. These would be perfect to hold favors, treats at the table, or even small seating cards. (Mairuru).

2. Lemon and Leaf Table Garland. Just imagine how fragrant this tabletop masterpiece will be as you sit down to your reception dinner. (Project Wedding).

3. Rose Petal Projects.How sweet is this bridal shower that features handmade rose petal soaps and rose petal ice cubes? (DIY Bride).

4. Oversized Tote. How perfect would these be for your bridesmaids? (Maiden Jane).

5. Embroidered Handkerchief. Don't forget, busy brides, Mother's Day is this Sunday! In honor of that, this amaing embroidered hankerchief, a perfect gift for mom on your wedding day. ({ritzy bee blog}).

And for those of you feeling super crafty -- check out these projects. There's a DIY tutorial on making paper (#1) from Mega-Crafy via Ready, Set, Craft!. And we just love these table-top chalkboards (#2) from The Bride's Cafe. Talk about an eco-friendly way to seat your guests. And finally, you can download this old-fashion lemonade label (#3) along with others right now from Marry Me You. They're perfect for an outdoor summer reception.


handkerchief photo by Kate Headley Photography; chalkboard photo by Anika London Media; lemon and leaf garland photo by Jordan Ferney.

-- Amy E.

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