April 2010
April 29, 2010

With May just around the corner, we couldn't resist these colorful projects. See how easy it is to brighten up a room (or an office!) with these cute ideas.

1. May Day. We can think of no better way to welcome in May than with this adorable May Day basket. Fill it with treats for your guests, or petals for your flower girl. (Ready, Set, Craft!).

2. Personalize It. We know you can pay to have custom labels put on soda bottles for your guests, but who knew you could do it so easily for yourself? We love it! (100 Layer Cake).

3. Guest Book Garland. Imagine having all of your friends writing the sweetest messages for you, and then you get to make it into a garland to string up around the room and enjoy. This is one of the most creative alternatives to a guest book we've seen in a while. (The Storque, Etsy's blog).

4. Modern Mobiles. This these colorful mobiles are just for kids? Think again. they're the perfect way to punch up the color at any party. You can make as many as you want, but we love how even a few do the trick. (Project Wedding).

-- Amy E.

April 23, 2010

We're still feeling a little Earth love today off our post yesterday. These projects are just gorgeous -- and a great reminder of how awesome nature can be. Enjoy!

1. Kitschy and Eco! We know this kind of bold statement isn't for everyone, but think of how great it could look for a casual rehearsal dinner, if not the wedding itself. We love how it's an instant table setting and a favor for your guests in one. (Project Wedding).

2. Garden Stripes. For those of you who are Adobe savvy, there's this great free download of an invitation pattern from J. Bartyn. The green stripes and clean design feel perfect for a late spring or early summer wedding. (Plus, even if you aren't Adobe savvy, prices for printing this invitation start at just $55. Now that's a steal). (J. Bartyn).

3. Pegged Together. What could be cuter than this pegboard centerpiece made with real flowers? Invite your guests to take a flower from the peg board and tuck it in their hair, or wear it as a DIY boutiounnere. (100 Layer Cake, from guest blogger, Kelly).

4. Lovely Lilacs. We're loving this idea of carrying a bouquet of fresh lilacs down the aisle. Just think of how fragrant that bouquet will be. ({frolic!}).

5. A Little Bit Wild. We've done a few wildflower centerpieces before, but honestly, we just can't get enough. This lovely design idea comes from DIY newlywed Grace Bonney. (Design*sponge. And if you love that project, check out this one which features centerpieces of wild violets set in wine glasses. How chic!).

Images via design*sponge, {frolic!}, by Chelsea Fuss, Yes, Please, and J. Bartyn.

-- Amy E.

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April 22, 2010

In honor of Earth Day -- we're doing a few DIY earth-friendly favors!

Grow Your Love. Instead of giving traditional favors, why not try something that will stay with your guests throughout the season? Give them a packet of seeds with a cute little pot or even a small seedling to plant. They'll always remember you as they watch it grow, and what could be better than planting a tree? Try Plant a Memory (No. 4) or Green World Project.

Plantable Paper. If you're not into giving your guests a real live tree (which could be tough to transport on a plane, we admit), why not try these plantable paper favors? You can pick from several designs, customize it with your name and date and even choose colors to match your wedding party. We love it. Try Botanical Paperworks (No. 3) and Green Field Paper Company (No. 1)

Box It Up. By now, most of us know that bamboo is the way to go when you're going green. So why not try out this cute bamboo trinket box? The material is completely eco-friendly, and you can fill it with something you made or small pieces of candy. You could also use the seed paper to make a custom tag. Try Little Things Favors (No. 2) and Beau Coup.

Are you doing eco-friendly favors? What are they? Tell us below!

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April 16, 2010

Sorry for the delay with Link Love, but we've been swamped with Bridal Fashion Week since Saturday! Make sure you check out all of our coverage here and here. Now, on to Link Love:

1. Love this vintage book planner tutorial. Perfect for your bridesmaids! (Just Something I Made).

2. An amazingly simple DIY candle favor your guests will really use. (100 Layer Cake via guest blogger Sarah from Truly Smitten).

3. Look what we found! If you're making invitations yourself, you can download and print templates here. For free! (Download and Print).

4. Always on the lookout for something a little more non-traditional than the usual rose boutonniere, I'm loving these cute flowers made out of cupcake liners. How creative! (Intimate Weddings)

5. These cute tissue paper brooches are so perfect for your flower girls of even the mother of the bride. (Salsa Pie).

-- Amy E.

April 08, 2010

Spring is in full swing now in NYC and it's tough to be inside at all. So these projects are targeted at being quick and simple, so you can get back outside and enjoy the sunshine!

1. From David Lebovitz's blog comes this (hilarious post and) amazing idea about writing your guests names directly on their napkins, to serve as the seating cards. He writes that it's based on this old idea that if you were invited to someone's house for dinner, and left your linen crumpled by your plate at the end, it meant you weren't really planning on coming back. But if you folded it nicely, it meant you enjoyed the meal and hoped to come back. Coming back, you were expected to use the same napkin again at each meal, hence writing your name directly on it. In his blog, David also suggests that at summer homes, hostesses sometimes use various shapped napkin rings to mark each guests' spot (another great idea: mismatched vintage napkin rings!). Try this out yourself in lieu of seating cards, using a stencil -- or if you're really daring, try it with your own handwriting! (David Leibovitz).

2. This design comes straight from Ruche's spring lookbook. You may not want to do this to an entire wall of your home -- but for a wedding backdrop, it would look divine. Or better yet, try it out on a folding partition and then add photos of you and your fiance. So elegant! (I'll admit, it may not be as quick as the others, but you could easily spread this one out over a few evenings if you needed to). (Ruche blog).

3. These paper birdhouses are too cute! I can just picture them hanging from the trees at a backyard wedding. You could also stuff them with sweet treats for your guests as DIY favors. (Just Something I Made).

4. Stencil on your initials, table numbers or even a simple silhouette with this easy project. The end result is rustic, with an edge of elegance thanks to the glass bottle. (Savvy City Farmer). And if you're going to try it, i do it yourself has found excellent free stencils you can download here.

5. This centerpiece idea is great because it works for a casual affair no matter if you're on the beach or in the mountains. I'm also loving the mix-up of blue and green vases. (Project Wedding).

PS- And for all of your budget savvy DIY brides, this bride had a wedding for 125 guests and did it all for under $5,000! Read about how she did it on Project Wedding.

-- Amy Eisinger

April 07, 2010

We know that not every bride wants to have a wedding a la Grace Kelly -- with hundreds of guests in a giant cathedral. That's why it's so refreshing when small boutiques like Lovely open up. This cute wedding boutique opens tomorrow here in NYC and is targeted at the bride who wants to feel special, but maybe want a more personal experience than what some of the larger bridal shops offer.

The coolest part? The gowns at lovely are mostly made by small, boutique designers who handmake every detail and they range from $500-$5,000! (And let's face it, when you consider the dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City was over $20,000 -- that's a steal!) Most of the gowns are around $2,000 and have a romantic, airy feel to them. Designers include Elizabeth Dye (who I love!), Alix and Kelly, Badgley Mischka, Watters, Cynthia Rowley's new bridesmaid line and accessories from places like Lo Boheme and Twigs and Honey.

Even if you're not in the NYC area, I think you're probably able to grab some inspiration from these designers or read their blog for some homemade (and super chic) fashion ideas.

So what do you think? If you haven't gotten your dress yet, would you opt for something a little more non-traditional, like these gowns? Or if you have gotten your dress already -- but could do it over -- would you choose something like these instead? Share your thoughts below!

Image via Lovely/ Sarah Seven, photo by Zachary Bascom

April 06, 2010

DIY Editor Bride here! As I've mentioned before, one of the big DIY crafts I've taken on for the wedding is sewing our reception dinner napkins. I found this really amazing fabric (at Joann's Fabrics) and figured, since our wedding is small (about 75 people) I could handle it. It's going OK so far (I'm about 40 napkins in), but I will say that if you're going to attempt something like this, leave yourself plenty of time. My project has gone on for about 3 months now and because of the time frame, I also haven't burned out on other DIY projects. So -- to the napkins.

There are lots of variations on how to make a simple dinner napkins, this version is just what works out easiest for me. Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments section below!


Step 1. Wash and press your fabric so if there's any shrinking, it happens prior to cutting. I am actually using a soft upholstery fabric for my napkins, but other great choices are linen, or a brushed cotton or even cotton sateen for an expensive feel. Traditional sizes: Dinner napkins are 20-22" squares, Luncheon napkins are about 18" squares, and cocktail napkins are about 6" squares. (For the purposes of this post, I'll be making a 20" dinner napkin.) Start with a piece of square fabric that's about 1" more than what you want the final size to be, a 21" square. You'll mainly be working on the wrong side of the fabric. For me that's the side that's mainly white (instead of mainly green).

Step 2. Fold the square diagonally so you've got a triangle with the wrong side facing out. Using a straight stitch on your machine, sew across each corner, 2 - 2.5 inches in from the pointy edge, as shown above. Stop your stitch just a few centimeters from the edge. It may look like the stitch will come undone, but that's OK. Repeat on all four sides. You should end up with something like the left part of the photo below.

Step 3. Snip the pointed edges off of all four corners, so you end up with your seam being just a few centimeters from the edge of the fabric.


Step 4. Flip each corner inside-out, so the correct side of the fabric is now showing on the edges. (And by now you might be able to guess what comes next).

Step 5. Pin down the rest of the fabric between the corners so it lines up with the edges, creating a seam that's 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick. Stitch around the entire square, sewing as close to the interior edge as possible. If you're doing this on a machine, remember to lift the presser foot at each corner and simply rotate the fabric so you get a nice 90 degree angle.


And voila! 5 Steps to an easy, chic napkin! Now repeat 75 times...


Are you working on a project for your own wedding? Or would you like to learn how to do something? Post it below and we'll try to figure it out!

WC Amy!

April 01, 2010

So our Link Love comes a little late today -- but with no less love! Here are some nature inspired designs from around the web that are perfect just as they are, or could be modified slightly to fit just about any style. Feel the love.

1. I love these rock place cards the author used at her own recent wedding. How perfect for an outdoor affair where you don't want anything to blow away! (The Violet Hours).

2. We all know cupcakes have become a major wedding trend to serve in lieu of the traditional 3-tiered wedding cake. But what about mini cupcakes? And for all you brides out there sticking to a pre-wedding diet -- you can still indulge. This recipe is low-fat. Sweet. (Dana Made It). (If you're wondering how these are nature inspired, well, all the ingredients are natural. And besides, cupcakes are wonderful to talk about anytime!)

3. This vintage wallpaper envelope liner project originally comes from 100 Layer Cake, but I love that this blog ads some additional resources and specifics on where you can buy some amazing vintage wall paper to use. How cute! (Say Yes to Hoboken).

4. Still looking for that perfect something for your flower girl? Why not have her wear this cute flowered hair clip, that's got just an added touch of style thanks to the frayed edges. (100 Layer Cake).

5. How cool would these branch inspired brooches look as boutinerres on your groomsmen? If your FH is the type that cringes at the very thought of pinning a rose to his jacket, this could be a great solution. (Maya Made).

-- Amy Eisinger

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