March 25, 2010
12:47 PM

Link Love: Details, Details, Details!


When you're having a DIY wedding, it's the details that make everything so special. And yes, it takes a ton of time to make the parts you think no one will notice—like seating cards or napkins—but in the end, those are the personal touches that can pull together the overall look. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best projects that just might add that missing je ne sais quoi to your reception.

1. Though in this project, they tie off the flowers to look like a bouquet, they could just as easily be placed in an oversized mason jar for your own DIY centerpiece. (100 Layer Cake).

2. Maybe you're not a huge fan of felt compositions, but I for one think they can be super cute. If you're having a spring or summer wedding, why not pin one to your menus or add it to the place settings and invite guests to take them home as a favor? (Bugs & Fishes).

3. Just found this blog and love some of the projects they feature! This DIY plantable paper would make a perfect seating card (or gift tag on a favor!) that your guests can take home and put in their garden. (

4. Don't skip out on having a signature drink just because you're not hiring a pro bartender! This recipe for Milk Liquer is simple enough that any of the groomsmen (or a bridesmaid!) could easily master the recipe. Served straight up, the hue is also lovely in the glass. (Lottie & Doof).

5. Think your grandmother's doilies are good for nothing? Think again! This adorable pillow is perfect for throwing on a chair, or even an outdoor bench, at a casual, vintage-feeling reception. (Smile & Wave).

-- Amy Eisinger

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These are all great ideas, I love the little butterflies!

posted by: wedding registry
on March 31, 2010 at 08:01 PM

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