March 2010
March 31, 2010

I'm engaged! That's right, brides! I'll be tying the knot this summer (Just a few months from now!) and I absolutely cannot wait! Wedding planning so far has been an incredible experience -- as I'm sure it's been for all of you!

As an editor here at, I basically eat, drink and sleep weddings these days, whether I'm at work or at home -- but don't think that means I'm done with everything months in advance! I'm working on a bit of a budget and taking on lots(!) of DIY projects myself, so I thought I'd start posting a few things here as well as Tweeting about my big day on our WeddingChannel Twitter page.

I'll kick things off by telling you a little bit about my wedding and the mood I'm hoping to capture. Like a lot of DIY-ers I'm all about vintage, unique and handmade pieces (Etsy could be my middle name). We're holding a small ceremony in one of our best friend's back yard and all of those decorations (including our flowers!) are DIY. Our reception is going to be at the gorgeous Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn, NY and I'm really going to embrace the turn-of-the-century look our venue offers. All of our bridal party attire is classically inspired and we're even having a live jazz band!

Some of the DIY projects that I've been working on (along with help from my amazingly creative mother) include hand-sewn napkins for our reception dinner, adding hand sewn embroidery to my flower girl's dress, making some pretty cool fabric streamers for the ceremony and some gorgeous nature-inspired table seating cards. My fiance, who's been pretty involved in the wedding planning, and I also have a few tricks up our sleeves for our rehearsal dinner.

I'll be posting some of these projects along with other questions and thoughts here and on Twitter. So now you tell me, if you're wedding is just around the corner, what's going through your head right now? And what kind of projects are you working on? Share your thoughts below!

-- WC Amy

March 25, 2010

When you're having a DIY wedding, it's the details that make everything so special. And yes, it takes a ton of time to make the parts you think no one will notice—like seating cards or napkins—but in the end, those are the personal touches that can pull together the overall look. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best projects that just might add that missing je ne sais quoi to your reception.

1. Though in this project, they tie off the flowers to look like a bouquet, they could just as easily be placed in an oversized mason jar for your own DIY centerpiece. (100 Layer Cake).

2. Maybe you're not a huge fan of felt compositions, but I for one think they can be super cute. If you're having a spring or summer wedding, why not pin one to your menus or add it to the place settings and invite guests to take them home as a favor? (Bugs & Fishes).

3. Just found this blog and love some of the projects they feature! This DIY plantable paper would make a perfect seating card (or gift tag on a favor!) that your guests can take home and put in their garden. (

4. Don't skip out on having a signature drink just because you're not hiring a pro bartender! This recipe for Milk Liquer is simple enough that any of the groomsmen (or a bridesmaid!) could easily master the recipe. Served straight up, the hue is also lovely in the glass. (Lottie & Doof).

5. Think your grandmother's doilies are good for nothing? Think again! This adorable pillow is perfect for throwing on a chair, or even an outdoor bench, at a casual, vintage-feeling reception. (Smile & Wave).

-- Amy Eisinger

March 18, 2010

Our link love today is all about your guests. We've heard plenty of complaints about what guests don't like getting, so try any one of these projects for a surefire hit favor.

1. Hello, Violet! This super easy project could double for a pretty centerpiece. ({frolic!})

2. Invite your guests to make their own cupcakes, for now—and later! (Style Me Pretty)

3. Style your flower girl, bridesmaids or don this cute headband yourself for a chic reception look. (PS I Made This)

4. So fresh and so clean, thanks to these easy-to-make felted soaps. (Wit & Whistle)

5. OK, so we know making a wreath is a little much as a favor for every guest, but it's a festive bit of decor you could give to your VIP's or use to decorate at your wedding. (Project Wedding)

Photos: (1) By Chelsea, courtesy of {frolic!} (2) Photo by Jen Huang; (3) Courtesy of PS I Made This; (4) Courtesy of Wit & Whistle; (5) Photo by Chelsea Fuss, courtesy of Project Wedding.

March 16, 2010

We know you brides love your projects, but have you ever felt like you bit off more than you can chew? (If you're like me, you may be starting to regret that you said you'd sew all 75 napkins for the reception dinner...).

Well today, the folks at 1000 Layer Cakes have raised the same question. Their guest blogger (Rachel from Heart of Light blog) says that she planned a complete DIY wedding for her sister. As in -- they glued invitations together, made the food themselves, made all the decor -- practically did everything except age their own champagne!

But was it worth it? Would it have been better open their wallets a bit wider and relieve some of the stress in days leading up to the wedding? She presents this really cute DIY flowchart (at the end of this post) so you can ask yourself the same question as you plan your own wedding! So cute! You have to try it! You can download a PDF version here.

So you tell us, are you regretting taking on any DIY projects as your big day approaches?

And if you're looking to get more involved, join our DIY Brides message board to get inspired!

March 11, 2010
Bridal season is just around the corner, and here in NYC it's nearly time to put away those peacoats! While we wait for the warm weather to arrive, we're loving these spring-themed projects:

1. Guide your guests to their seats with these mossy escort cards. (The Bride's Cafe)

2. Make your own pro-looking bridal bouquet from supermarket flowers? Yes! (Project Wedding)

3. Wrap your silverware kimono-style in bright, flower napkins. (100 Layer Cake)

4. Paint porcelain cups and saucers with flowers as a gift for your maids. (Etsy)

5. Cover the flowers on your reception table in these sunny containers (The Wedding Chicks)

Want to see your own project featured here? Send links to

--Amy Eisinger
March 01, 2010

We're obsessed with washi tape. Ribbon and tape in one. Colors and patterns galore. Could we ask for anything more?

Washi tape (
Metal tins (or any container you like!)
Candy, nuts or any favorite treat

Step 1 Fill up the containers with your favors.
Step 2 Break out the washi and decorate those favor packages. Go on and work the tops and sides! Voila!

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