July 02, 2009
11:16 AM

How-To: Green Button Mum Flower Girl Pomanders

070109_flowergirl_mainEarlier this week our friends at Flower DIYvas taught us how to make lovely green button mum ring bearer pillows, and today they're back with step-by-step instructions on how to create a matching pomander for your flower girl.

2 in. diameter artificial foam ball
1 yd. of ½ in. ribbon
Black boutonniere pins
Green button mums

Step 1: Gather your materials.


Step 2: You must secure the ribbon first. Cut enough to create a handle and fit around the ball. Pin together the ends of the ribbon.

Step 3: Pin the ribbon to the “equator” of the ball.

Step 4: Use the clippers to cut off the blooms, leaving no stem. Next, push a pin through the center of each mum.

Step 5:Twist the ribbon to create the handle loop, pin through the knot to secure. Attach each bloom into the foam. Start at the middle of the ball and work your way around to sides. Add mums to fill in the surface of the ball. Stagger the blooms so that all of the gaps are filled and the foam and ribbon are completely hidden.

Step 6: Test the handle to make sure it is secure and centered.

Step 7: Tie a small bow at the base of the ribbon handle and secure it with pins through the knot into the foam. Double check that the pins are in place and no points are poking out. Suspend the pomander on a hanger to avoid bruising the blooms until ready for use.

See more FlowerDIYva’s creations and view their workshop schedule if you’re a SoCal bride.
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Hey it is great one. Please let me know from where you have bought stuff for it ? What I am thinking that We can also make brooch from it as well..

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Are these real, please tell me where to get artificial ones

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How do you and how long can you store this kind of arrangement?

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