June 2009
June 30, 2009

Our favorite DIY tutorials from the last week:

1: Cherry harvest table (Project Wedding)

2: Pantyhose Petals ( Craft Blog )

3: Hanging floral centerpieces ( Sweet Paul )

4: Cloth Napkins (Chez Beeper Bebe )

5: Wine Cork Keychain Favors (Craft Blog)

6: $10 Wedding Dress (Threadbanger)

7: Petal Bag ( love Maegan )

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June 29, 2009
Howtoring_490e8_250There are so many fun things to do with flowers at your wedding. Here’s an idea from the ladies at Flower DIYvas that we just love. Give your ring bearer pillow flower power in seven easy steps.

1 in. thick artificial floral foam
Green button mums
Black boutonniere pins
1 yd. of ½ in. ribbon
Faux rings
How-To: Green Button Mum Ring Bearer Pillow
June 26, 2009

When it comes to adding vintage details to your wedding, a little detail can go a long way – especially with your flowers. Dig around in your attic or a local craft store bin for pieces of fabric that look and feel classic to you. (Stay on the lookout for brooches and old custom jewelry too.) Look for accent colors like gold, black, or white – they work well. Patterns like damask or stripes will look the part too. Slowly wrap the fabric around your bouquet using pearl pins to secure each layer, and for added detail. Once the fabric is in place complete the look with your favorite brooch. So easy, right? And you can use the same trick for your groom or groomsman’s boutonnières -- without the brooch of course.

Images: Large bouquet: Photography by Rebecca; Boutonnière: Photography by Charise; Small bouquet: Geoff White Photographers.
June 25, 2009
Terrarium_250Vintage mason jars are the ideal containers for a wedding centerpiece. They are beautiful, inexpensive, and make for a verdant, one of a kind centerpiece. You can find them all over –- start with antique stores or eBay. Add greenery to the jars to give your tables an earthy vibe. This project comes from Raven of Cheeky Stitch blog and shop.

Glass mason jar with lid
Activated charcoal
Potting soil
Small plants
Coarse builder'sand, pebbles or gravel
Chopsticks or bamboo skewers
Fresh live moss or Sheet moss (sometimes called preserved sheet moss)
Sphagnum Moss
Decorations (such as small toys, larger rocks, etc.)
How-To: Terrarium Centerpieces
June 24, 2009

Depending on the weather conditions at your ceremony or reception site, you may want to offer favors like blankets or sunscreen to keep your guests comfy. Skip handing them out and display them with a personalized message.

To get started, decide what type of container you’ll be using to hold the favors, then pick up card stock in whatever color and size you'd like. Grab a marker and write or sketch out your message. (Be sure to leave enough space in one corner for the hole you’ll use to attach them.) Add additional embellishments like glitter, stickers or photos. Next, punch a hole in the corner you plan to hang the card from. Cut a pretty ribbon in strips long enough to loop through the hole, and finish with a pretty bow. Attach your card to the container and place near the entrance or along the ceremony aisle.

Images: Ashley Brokington Photography
June 23, 2009

Our favorite DIY tutorials from the last week:

1: Old-fashioned soda bar (Project Wedding)

2: Vintage map save the dates (Oh So Beautiful Paper)

3: DIY headband (...love Maegan)

4: Paper flower centerpiece (Craft Blog)

5: Clover pomander (A Bit O’ Shine)

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June 22, 2009

For a little postwedding DIY fun, get personal with your thank-you cards using this stationery project from Elizabeth Woodson of Elizabeth W. Gift Baskets. Customize the paper and photos, and add your favorite embellishments.
How-To: Personalized Thank-You Cards
June 19, 2009

These escort cards from Jessica and Naren's wedding are incredibly easy to make and look amazing. All you need are stamps, ink and blank cards. Choose one stamp design per table (you might want to get these custom-designed), and then pick an ink color (or colors) that matches your theme. Write out guests' names on one side of the cards, and then stamp the design for their table on the back. Seriously: so easy. Thanks to Melissa Lynn Weddings and Threshold Visions for the great photos!

Images: Melissa Lynn Weddings / Threshold Visions
June 18, 2009

This DIY wedding program project from Helen Driscoll (co-owner and founder of awesome wedding stationery shop InviteSite) is a great starting point for all sorts of different ideas. Customize the paper, font and ribbon, and add any other embellishments you'd like to make the programs perfect for your big day.
How-To: Wedding Program
June 17, 2009
PomOur favorite way to add some major interest to your reception or ceremony without much time or fuss: big paper pom-poms!

You can start from scratch and make the entire project on your own (it only takes tissue paper and pipe cleaners or string), or order a pre-made pom from a vendor like PomLove on Etsy and just deal with the final steps.

To make them on your own, start with a stack of about 10 sheets of tissue paper. The diameter of the finished pom-poms will be a few inches less than the width of your sheets. From top to bottom, fold the entire stack accordion-style, making each section about an inch and a half tall (this will be the width of each individual piece of the pom). Once the entire thing is folded, wrap string, wire or a pipe cleaner around the middle of the now long and skinny piece of tissue paper. Then, use a pair of scissors to round off or cut each side into a point.

If you decided to order your pom-poms, here's where your work will start. (The product you receive in the mail will probably look a lot like what we just made). If you're working from scratch, just keep following along. Starting on one end, gently pull the top of each piece of paper toward the center. Work one sheet at a time, and fluff out the paper as you go. When you're halfway through the stack, start pulling the sheets in the other direction so you create a half-sphere. Do the same with the paper on the other side to finish out the sphere.

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