April 15, 2009
2:25 PM

Quick Tip: Paper Rosette Decorations

Rosette-papersourceWe love Paper Source, and we love free pattern downloads. The math's pretty simple, then -- we really love this paper rosette project from Paper Source (pdf).

All you need is some nice 8 1/2" x 11" paper and pretty ribbon or string (Paper Source is great for both) to make these sweet and simple rosettes. The project doesn't involve much more than folding sheets of paper accordion-style -- no scissors required! -- so grab your nieces and nephews or the neighbor kids and make a fun afternoon of it.

The finished products will look gorgeous hung from trees for an outdoor wedding, or on the supports of an outdoor tent. For an indoor affair, hang the rosettes from the ceiling at different heights or off the centerpieces.

Image: Paper Source
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To make the rosettes like the ones hanging from the windows in this picture and shown with the stationery below, Jayme and Chris used a paper that's easy to fold and has some body. Jayme found one that has the matte texture of construction paper but is a bit thinner and easier to fold (the creases of the pleats will stiffen it).

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posted by: Julia
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I tried it, but I appear to be missing some basic coordination skills for my hands and eyes. Thanks anyways. I will ask my daughter to do it ... :-))

posted by: MS
on September 08, 2010 at 03:00 PM

This is beautiful but I'm planning on taking it up a few notches by adding some twinkle lights inside, wire to hang it with and support it, then a little thinner paper so it's more translucent.

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